Your go-to source for the most accurate "as-reported" financials.
10Q-Reports presents the financial results of US public companies in the most authentic format, i.e. as-reported in their 10-Q and 10-K filings.
Lost in translation?
Company financials, often massaged into standardized formats, lose significant details and critical information which are crucial to understanding the business health.
Never fly blind again.
Investing is hard...and it is outright dangerous without timely and accurate information.
Spot the trends.
Cut through the clutter and noise - access up to 40 quarters of accurate and curated data to help you spot the trends.

The most authentic financial reports in the industry.


We strive to keep our reports error free, complete and as close to the “as-reported” format as possible.


Reports are updated as soon as new information is reported by the company, in most cases within hours.

Up to Date

Always up to date with the latest information.

Made with Love

We try to produce magic by pouring our heart into it!

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Customer Quotes

What our customers are saying

" 10Q Reports is the most authentic and reliable source for the financial data that I have found anywhere. Moreover, the easy navigation within the application and the responsive design is really commendable. "
Jill P.
" With 10Q Reports, I feel that my investing decisions are more informed. I am able to extract data in Excel format and run my own scenarios to help with my decision making process. "
Isaac H.
" Speed and accuracy are the most important aspects of any financial product. I am impressed with 10QReports on both these counts. Keep up the great work. "
James S.

10Q Advantages

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Financial reports as they are meant to be!

Stay updated with the latest reports in the original format that the company reported in.

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Rich data set in the most comprehensive format!

10-Q Reports ensures that the data presented to the users is in a format which is understandable to all.

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Financial Reports in a single view!

With 10-Q Reports, now you can view the reports of all the quarters / years on your mobile in a single view.